Sarah Pollard

Sarah Pollard, RYT 200, is a light worker who’s personal mission is to be a guiding light to all those who seek healing. She began her yoga practice in 2006, teaching herself off of yoga dvds, as a way to combat severe depression, and anxiety. She took her teacher training in 2013 at Maui Hot yoga, and began training with Manju Jois in 2016. Yoga is a lifelong commitment to Sarah, and she teaches with love, compassion, and hope.

It is her belief that everyone has the ability to overcome all internal obstacles by practicing patience, kindness, understanding, and love. ” Yoga to me is a lifeline. A safety jacket that keeps me from drowning. It has helped me discover my true, authentic self. It has taught me how to be flexible, on and off the mat, and how to accept the reality that I am not in control of what happens outside of me, only within me.”