Dania Alia

dania-alia-rounded-1Dania is acknowledged by people around the globe for her profound abilities to navigate transformation between the Physical and the Spiritual Realms, bringing about healing on multi-dimensional levels of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Dania is a Maui based Shamanic Healing Practitioner Certified in Energy Medicine by The Four Winds Society. Through her intensive and comprehensive training Dania was initiated into a Lineage of Quero Medicine Men and Women of Peru.

After a succession of life-altering, traumatic events she dedicated her life to mastering energy and her passion for supporting others on their Soul’s journey. For over a decade she has been skillfully teaching and guiding her clients to release limiting beliefs and patterns, as well as hidden imprints that plague their ability to live an empowered life. She believes that it takes courage to let go of what no longer serves, shed the past and embark on the Hero’s Journey of Self Discovery.

Soul Coaching / Shamanic Healing Sessions

Includes a Reading, Clearing and Spiritual Guidance for:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Career Issues
  • Life Transitions
  • Physical and Emotional Challenges
  • Life’s Purpose
  • Feelings of being stuck, blocked, and overwhelmed

During the session Dania will work with you to accomplish the following:

We call upon the Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Angels to assist in this transformative and liberating session. While reading your energy field, we will identify what is blocking you and keeping you stuck. We will clear all heavy energies and replace them with Divine Light. During this process, the space for Clarity, Guidance and Empowerment will open. We will invite what you wish to manifest in your life. As you let go of what no longer serves you, we will call upon the gifts for alignment with your soul’s purpose.

One session ignites a shift on your journey, 3+ sessions recommended for lasting transformation.