The Power Of Purification

The Power of Purification February 25 – March 3, 2018 [Detailed Agenda]

The theme we have chosen for this full moon retreat is purification. Cleansing. Letting go and making space. Just as we need to clean out our closets from time to time to make space for new things, so too is it essential to cleanse ourselves of physical toxins, harmful patterns and disempowering narratives if we wish to grow and invite new experiences in life. In honor of this sacred letting go process, we have combined forces to craft a 6 day experience supporting purification on all levels.

Group retreat sessions highlight the traditional yogic tools to purify body, mind and emotions: movement, breath work, chanting, contemplation, relaxation, ritual and personal prayer. There is also plenty of built-in discussion time to explore, in a safe space, whatever is “up” for us as we work through the week together.

The foundation for our physical purification is a balanced nutritional cleanse. The cleanse is 3 days long and starts on Monday morning. Food for the cleanse is produced daily by Joy’s Place Live. The all-liquid cleanse features many delicious and nutritious native tropical foods, and includes protein. This cleanse is a treat, not a punishment – food is plentiful, healthful, fresh and YUMMY!

In addition to cleanse food and daily afternoon class sessions, your retreat package includes daily guided excursions, free access to all yoga classes at the studio, a 60 minute massage treatment, opening dinner, celebration brunch and closing ceremony. For complete details please see itinerary and pricing page.

(Please note: this is NOT a residential retreat. Accommodations are not included. We are happy to provide a list of lovely condos and B&B’s as options if you do not yet have a favorite place to stay on Maui.)

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) from both of us, and from the entire Maui Yoga Loft and Wellness team. We can’t wait to share our love for yoga — and our favorite spots on this magical island — with you. We do hope you can join us!

With warmest aloha,
Tracy and River

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